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Are You A Rebel ?

Do You Believe

  • Individuals and not governments are sovereign.
  • Governments should provide limited essential services. It is not their role to manage, the economy ,society or the weather?
  • Money should be free from debasement?
  • Central banks should be abolished?
  • People should be free to live their life as they wish provided they cause no harm to others.
  • Voluntary contracts are better than compulsion.
  • In freedom of speech, travel and association and the right to bodily autonomy.
  • If you broadly agree with these sentiments then that makes you a rebel. The aim if this site is to provide you with a few of the resources that might help you goiung forward.

The aim of The Rebel Index is to provide content and resources for those who believe that the stae has become too large.

We are based in England and our focus is consequently on the UK. ut many of the reources are relevant throughtout the western ” democratic” world.

The bulk of our articles are free. But we do need to fund the site so access to the Index is priced at £2 per month. The index provides links to hand picked content covering key topics. Currently these include

  • Covid 19 hysteria.
  • Climate alarmism.
  • The death of fiat money.
  • Digital dystopia.
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We have a central view of what is currently playing out in the western “developed” world. The use of debt as money , controlled through corrupt central banks, has effectively ensnared and enslaved the bulk of the population. The beneficiaries are the very small number within the predator class. Politics is controlled through captured political parties which are used to maintain the illusion of choice.

This sytem has worked well for the predators since at least 1913 and perhaps 1696. But it has a fatal flaw. Using debt as money requires the creation of ever more currency in order to service the debt that has already been issued. It’s the ultimate pyramid or ponzi scheme.

At some point the population wake up and realise that the the currency they are using as money is fundamentally worthless. The currency collapses in value not against other fiat currencies but against things of which their is a finite supply. At that point the control matrix is dead. That is roughly where we are now.

The response of the predators is to try and move to a new control matrix. We believe that this will be based on digital surveillance. Climate alarmism and a range of manufactured medical emergencies will be used to try and introduce the digital architecture that will facilitate the new control matrix. That architecture includes

Programmable money


Neighbourhood control zones

Digital surveillance

An end to free speech.

Closure of social businesses

Undermining both religion and families.

Our role as rebels is simply to delay and frustrate the implementation of the new control, architecture. Their old system is dying we just need to delay thgeir new one and then their power will evaporate.