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“If you don’t like masks you won’t enjoy the ventilator”. How many times did we hear that during the dark days of 2020/21. We won’t even go there with ventilators in this section- our aim is provide a counter weight to the pro maskers.

During the 2022 Kirklees council elections I was described by the green party as a “notorious anti -masker”. I plead guilty. But at the time the attack seemed odd I was used to being described as an anti-vaxxer but this was the first time my views in masks had been given a public airing by my political enemies. But this was 2022 by which time confidence in the “vaccines” was already waning so the greens chose the mask as a safe ground to attack me on.

Masks after all were less controversial. Prolonged use clearly has many adverse effects but no one was dropping dead from a few minutes of wearing one. 

Masks were highly symbolic. The state used them as a  show of public support for their nefarious agenda. Sadly I know of many unvaxxed people who still chose to mask up in public. Beacuase thats the point vaxx status remained a mostly private issue about which it was possible to lie. Not so with wearing a mask at the school gate or in the playground.

Should our enemies choose to run with another fake pandemic then mask mandates will be prominent. Public masking in England was originally introduced on 24th July 2020. 24/7 and sadly the signalling is there for all to see.


So countering the effectivenees of masks and in fact showing them to be harmful not harmless is absolutely essential and is what I attempt to do hear.