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Are You a 21st Century Rebel?

In this area we try to collect and collate high quality evidence that challenges, confronts and ultimately dismisses the statist narrative. We aim to provide you with the resources you need. The potential topic areas are enormous and whilst we aim to be comprehensive we will always have significant gaps in our library. 

The index is dynamic and is constantly expanding and being edited.

Many of the topics are organised in questions such as Do masks work? Experience has shown us that this is most useful to our readers. 

The questions and topics are detailed below each with a link to a unique page which then contains link to source documentation. We don’t list every possible article on a topic. Our aim is to act as your quality control. We’ve done the searching, analysing and asessing so hopefully you don”t have to.

The index grew out of resources that were originally collated to support the leadership of the Freedom Alliance political party in the UK. That party served a purpose in platforming opposition to lockdowns and “vaccinations” during 2020-22. With the demise of that party it seemed a shame to let the resources index go to waste as others might find it valuable.